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Graphic Design, Oil

An Advertisement for fake brand EMESIS' bulimia sticks. You stick the EMESIS stick down your throat to induce nausea and regurgitate recently ingested food. The advertisement is made to look like a vintage add from the 1940s, 50s and 60s.

“We go down your throat so you don’t have to!!!”

“The easiest way to induce nausea-Have your finger ever come up short when trying to induce nausea? Then EMESIS bulimia sticks are for you. Its smooth surface is perfect for going down your throat painlessly and with ease. Fitted with a wooden grip and made from non-toxic materials it’s perfectly safe.”

“WARNING- Extended use may result in further mental illness, mainly Anorexia”

EMESIS is a FAKE product designed by me, Franscois Potgieter, for an art project. I will not be held responsible for any injury sustained from trying to use EMESIS or any objects that may have been inspired by EMESIS. The project’s aim is not to mock Bulimia or any one suffering from said illness. It’s merely an elaborate comment on the ever increasing commercialization of taboo subject matter. If you feel violated or insulted by this particular piece feel free to contact me @

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