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42cm X 9.5cm X 42cm

Bone, Leather, String, Wire, Steel, Wood, Oil, Acrylic

My Interpretation a Death's-Head Hawkmoth, more Specifically the African Death's-Head Hawkmoth. Although a Moth I took some inspiration from different species of Butterfly too. The Moth is made from Bones, mostly Seal, I picked up on the Beaches of Paternoster, Western Cape in South-Africa. Its Thorax consists out of Vertebrae and the bottom part of a Tortoise Shell. The wings consist of four Seal Scapula Bones with Oil Painted Eyes. Some repairs have been made to the bones using Leather, String and Wire. a Vaguely Skull-Shaped Pattern is Oil-Painted on the Tortoise Shell, the most commonly identifiable characteristic of the African Death's-Head Hawkmoth. The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul. I Imagined this moth as a Soul Stealing Creature. Trapping your soul when looking at the Eyes on its Wings and causing Death of the Physical Body.

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